AFHE’s legislative team has been hard at work on behalf of Arizona homeschoolers this legislative session. We are pleased to report that HB2536 was signed into law on March 29, 2018 by Governor Doug Ducey.

A Little Background

Arizona students, including homeschooled students, have the opportunity to enhance their education during high school with JTED (Joint Technical Education District) classes, which includes programs like West-MEC and EVIT among others. In some situations, these are dual enrollment classes, which offer students community college credit in addition to high school credit.

Until HB2536 was signed into law, state statute prevented community colleges from granting college credit to homeschooled students who successfully completed the courses taken at a JTED, whereas public school students enrolled in the same classes do receive college credit.

HB2536 corrects this inequity and ensures that homeschool students who take classes at Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs) offering dual enrollment opportunities receive college credit in the same manner as their public school peers.

Overwhelming Support in the House and Senate

On February 12, HB2536 passed out of the House Education Committee with a vote of 9-1 and on March 27 it passed the Senate 30-0 in support. It was then signed by the Governor on March 29 and is now Arizona law.

We Are Grateful!

A huge thank you to Tom Lewis, AFHE Lobbyist, with the support of Peter and Allison Gentala, AFHE Legislative Liaisons, for their work on this issue! We would also like to thank all of the homeschool families that contacted their senator to encourage them to support HB2536. Your efforts were very helpful!



In preparation for Homeschool Day at the Capitol Monday, April 23, we encourage Arizona homeschool students (and parents, too)  to write your legislators.

Thank them for their service

Whether you agree with their politics or positions or not, this is a great opportunity to simply express gratitude for the men and women who serve our state at the legislature. It’s a great way to represent homeschooling in a positive light and to show them that homeschoolers are respectful, articulate, thoughtful individuals who have chosen a model of education that works.

Let them know you are a constituent

When you write to the legislators in your district, be sure to mention that you are a constituent. They want to know they are hearing from people who live in the area they represent. Sample letter included on the Capitol Day page.

Invite them to Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Legislators are busy people and they receive many invitations to events on the lawn hosted by groups of all kinds. A personal invitation from a student in their legislative district may be just the invitation to inspire them to take a few minutes out of their busy day to stop down and meet homeschooling families who are gathering to celebrate freedom at the Capitol.


Monday, April 23, 2018 | 10:00 – 11:30 am
North Lawn, Arizona State Capitol

Homeschool Day at the Capitol, hosted by AFHE every couple of years, is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate the freedom we enjoy in directing our children’s education. It’s a great reminder of the importance of protecting the freedom we currently enjoy to  homeschool with the least restrictive regulations possible. Legislators and elected officials get the opportunity to interact with a growing constituency of families dedicated to their children’s well being and quality of education. What a beautiful testimony to the success of parent-led, privately funded home education!

This is a family event for parents and children of all ages, homeschool graduates, and grandparents, too! Attendees will enjoy a number of performances by homeschooled students, sing patriotic songs together, and hear several special guest speakers. Free of charge. Learn more about what to bring, etc. on the Capitol Day page.


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